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The oceans supply 50% of the vital oxygen in the earth's atmosphere and bind about 30% of the man-made CO2. Most of the world's species live in them and life on earth without healthy seas is not possible. While we all instinctively feel that the oceans are vital, we know shockingly little about this fascinating ecosystem.


We are not biologists or natural scientists, but we have in-depth knowledge due to many dives, trainings, our network and fascinating encounters in various diving areas around the world.

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Dives to sunken wrecks, beautiful reefs, but also to destroyed underwater landscapes have made us aware that we want to share this knowledge and our experiences. We want to raise awareness to the amazing underwater world.


We are currently offering the following lectures:


  • Diving - entering the fascinating underwater world

  • Wrecks - the blessing and bane of the seas

  • Sharks - fascinating species

  • Water protection - not a thing

100% of the donations for the lectures go to our funding projects.

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