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The association pursues exclusively and directly - charitable - purposes in the sense of the section "tax-privileged purposes" of the tax code.


  1. The purpose of the association is the promotion of education and popular and vocational training, as well as the promotion of nature and environmental protection (Section 52 (2) AO, points 7 and 8)

  2. The purpose of the articles of association is particularly realized by

    1. the establishment of an exchange and internship program, which enables the personal exchange, stay and contribution of young people in and between selected non-profit educational projects (also international, see §3 paragraph d). In addition to structuring the content of the programs (including the selection process, etc.), the posting or on-site care of the young people is to be financially supported. The exchange and internship program is intended to develop personal contact between young people living in Germany and the schoolchildren and students involved in the financially funded projects, thus promoting mutual understanding of education and environmental protection; 

    2. the active support and implementation of educational measures in Germany, in the form of participation, design and involvement in educational projects that inform and educate in schools and other educational institutions on the subject of "education, environmental protection and sustainability"; 

    3. personal participation in events in the form of lectures and provision of information that make a public contribution to the subject of "education, environmental protection and sustainability";

    4. In addition, the association can also provide non-material and financial support for other tax-privileged corporations or corporations under public law for the non-material and material support of education and upbringing and environmental protection. Here, the transfer of the financial means for projects or measures is provided that in the combination of upbringing, education, health education and   Environmental protection makes a valuable contribution to the protection of nature and at the same time to the social and societal future prospects of young people. The projects supported are intended to sensitize children, young people and young people to important environmental issues through education and upbringing. The supported measures should specifically serve to protect the environment and educate children and young people as a whole.

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