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Each of us has been supporting aid organizations for years, is interested in or is professionally and / or privately involved in the areas of sustainability and education.


On a joint trip to West Papua, we were inspired by Jonas, who is already providing concrete help on site with his Child Aid Papua project. The idea to support Jonas from Germany and to support a platform for further projects in the field of education and sustainability was born.


Our association B.L.U.E. Germany e.V. - Better Learning and Understanding the Environment stands for our idea of supporting projects that are directly related to education and sustainability.


Education is a human right and an intact nature is the basis of all life. Many people have neither access to education nor an understanding of sustainability and the environment. With our commitment and network, we want to make a contribution to understanding nature and protecting the environment - for present and future generations.


We personally select our funding projects. We know the people and those responsible on site. In addition to donation and charity campaigns, we plan lectures and seminars in universities and schools on all aspects of sustainability.


With our own B.L.U.E. projects, we want to support the understanding of sustainability and nature conservation, especially among children and young people. We want to make our contribution to education, research and curiosity.


We are not only looking for donors but also for contributors who want to be active in the various projects themselves.

Donations and proceeds from our campaigns flow into the funding projects.

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