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The Indonesian archipelago Raja Ampat is one of the largest natural paradises on earth. It is characterized by islands and lagoons and extends over an area of over 40,000 km2. But climate change, pollution of the oceans, overfishing, a lack of education and the emerging tourism pose great challenges for people and nature.

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A few years ago the Swiss Jonas Müller set up a learning center for environmental protection and ecology in the small village Sawinggrai in West Papua (Indonesia). In the meantime, with his association Child Aid Papua, he is focusing on various projects on the topics of education, environmental protection and health.

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With their projects, the Child Aid Papua team regularly reaches up to 100 children and young people every week. The children and young people are taught English, mathematics, geography, environmental protection as well as reading and writing. Adults can also study English twice a week in the evening. In addition to theoretical lessons, the team of teachers also focuses on practical and ongoing projects around the topic of environmental protection in order to protect the area around Raja Ampat in the long term.


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In addition to the lessons, other projects have already been initiated, including an 'Ocean Warriors' waste program, a garden program for self-sufficiency, etc. In the evenings there are presentations on marine research, healthy eating, overfishing and personal hygiene.


You can find wonderful pictures, exciting information and impressive videos about the work of Child Aid Papua in Sawinggrai under the following links: &


Child Aid Papua and Andrin Fretz kindly provided us with the Child Aid Papua images.


Support Child Aid Papua.


From a large number of projects initiated by Child Aid Papua, we will support the following projects with our BLUE association from Germany


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Child Aid Papua's library is diverse, but unfortunately there are no good school books in the region. In addition, many school materials have to be created by yourself, as no teaching aids and books are available in Indonesian that are tailored to the level. With a small contribution, Child Aid Papua from Bali, Jakarta, Singapore, Switzerland or Germany can receive good teaching aids and send them to Raja Ampat.

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Child Aid Papua is fighting against pollution of the seas and nature in Raja Ampat. In cooperation with the locals, waste from the two villages of Kapisawar and Sawinggrai is collected, sorted and forwarded to the waste bank in Sorong every week. There the waste is transported to Surabaya, melted down and recycled. The aim is to expand this project to other villages.

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Only about 5% of the residents of Raja Ampat have access to a computer. For the pupils, however, learning digital skills and basic IT specialist knowledge such as MS Office is essential for their future. In order for the pupils to be able to prepare for the job market, they need laptops and tablets in addition to school materials.

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By financing a diving certification, you enable the students of Sawingrai to receive practical diving training from qualified diving instructors. Together with environmental education, this practical training has a major impact on the future of young people. For them it is the chance to build a self-determined existence, to work for sustainable environmental protection on site and to pass on their experiences to others.

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