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“I am fascinated by nature in every detail - from a meadow of flowers, the awakening of spring in the forest to the wonders of the coral reefs of the world's oceans. Education helps to see these miracles, to love and thus also to protect them. "


Antje works in the financial sector and has been dealing with the topic of sustainability for many years. She gives many lectures and wants to show young people the way to this exciting topic.



"Our two grandchildren should also be able to grow up and live in a world that continues to be colorful and worth living in."


On our trip to West Papua we were shocked by the amount of rubbish and plastic on the beaches of the islands at the "end of the world". We spontaneously decided to do something and with ours

Friends founded BLUE Germany.

We both are or have worked for a bank for over 40 years and lived in America and Switzerland for a few years. We saw great differences there, both in terms of education and nature conservation. 

We love alpine skiing, the mountains and Michael is a passionate diver and paraglider.


“Nothing is more impressive than life under water. When diving you can see how incredibly imaginative nature is. Unfortunately, you can also see underwater what humans can do through garbage and destruction. We need to save nature's treasures by helping children understand how fragile this system is. "


Arne works in the pension industry. He has been a passionate diver for years and wants to help children and young people to show how important environmental protection is.


"What you want to change in this world, you have to do yourself."


Martina works in consulting. She is a passionate photographer and diver. She deals privately and professionally with a wide variety of initiatives around the topic of sustainability and would like to share her enthusiasm and her knowledge with others.


"Education is the first step in protecting the world. Only those who know about the consequences of environmental pollution can help prevent them. Many young people, especially children, have little or no access to education. To change that and people with it the chance for a better future and a cleaner environment should also be our goal. "


Wolfram is an independent entrepreneur in financial communication and a passionate diving instructor.


"My parents gave me the opportunity to travel and see beautiful landscapes. I had to experience that unfortunately our great nature is not treated responsibly everywhere. Let's change that!


Hannah graduated from high school in 2020 and is studying "Business Psychology". As a young member, she tries to make her peers understand how valuable our environment is.

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